Our story

About us

Excellent timepieces carefully crafted with a passion for luxury watches. By combining modern and classical elements we believe that we have created something unique.

The perfect classic watches, made by and made for watch enthousiasts! We have put a lot of work in refining the details for the Noirmoutier Classique collections. We are very proud to present to you the Noirmoutier Classique collections.

We wanted to create unique luxury Collections and we think we did just that! 

What drives us / Why support us?

We would love to share the things that drive us to make luxury timepieces. It would be great to inspire others by telling what motivates us.


- Satisfied customers                                                                                                                  
When you're working on a product, you are curious to know what people will think about it. That's why we would love to get in touch with our customers. We want to share our ideas and we would do anything to inspire others.

- Continuous improvement                                                                                                         
We are perfectionist, that drives us to improve ourselves and our products again and again. We are not stopping until we are completely satisfied.

- Bringing great products to life                                                                                                  
From the first sketches to holding a physical object. It is a great experience, to see your own ideas being translated into real products for real customers.

- Ideas for the future                                                                                                                    
We started this brand because as watch entousiasts we are always looking for that perfect timepiece. Instead of waiting for others to create one, we decided to make the perfect watch ourselves! Because we are watch enthousiasts, we have a lot of ideas to create new watches in the future.